The latest designer Julia Janus autumn-winter collection

The latest designer Julia Janus autumn-winter collection for men and women already intriguing same name "Black Science. Science Noir. The artist says that the idea of it being chased long J. Janus very knietėjo look into the future. Maybe science will soon connect the power and what shall be independent?
Wondering what will happen next, as the rapid technology advances. After all, the man already meas- ured bionines artificial limbs and body tissues. What Evolution Robe awaits us if the last decades, we are experiencing an explosion of technology? "- Said Mr Janus. She is convinced that the physiological and technological properties of the whole humanity rebuild again. It would be stupid after such a powerful development program for self-destruction. "That resulted in the collection of models that seem to grow out of each other. As a human being, išsineriantis the beast fur. As a semi-bioninis device. In the natural classical tissue cracks shining metal, shining like a chip, or the stars, - says the designer. - Collection very masculine. It think about the man and the woman on the man's eyes. What is it - Julia Janus couple? Maybe they are space travelers, maybe future hanging in urban areas. They are self-sufficient and independent. They have the power and knowledge, experienced and free.

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