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In addition, the Enterprise Lithuania "organized by the National Booth visitors were constantly accompanied by praise, that presents a very creative brands and products - The role of quality. 7 Lithuanian companies range - not just children's clothes made from natural, high-quality materials, but also innovative solutions: on some children's clothing can be written in chalk or desired pattern to create a mobile application! "Being able to present the Lithuanian children's clothing brands in a specialized international exhibition" Playtime Paris 2016 alongside other world-known clothing brands, is an international recognition of Lithuania clothing industry. Textile sector forward leads the new generation of innovative creators. Textile industry in Lithuania is growing, and about 80 per cent. products are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide. The largest growth in exports recorded in particular children's clothing category. Last year, the export was nearly three times more than in 2008. The main Lithuanian children's clothing buyers are from Germany, Great Britain and Sweden ", - said Vice-Minister of Economy Rasa Noreikienė.

The exhibition attended brands: Mummymoon, Nicolas jeans, Unlabel, Manoko "," March "," Anchovy, Benber. The brand "Mummymoon" generating company Trinity Time director Vėjūnė Unikauskienė this exhibition together with the Business Lithuania participated for the third time, and, according to her, can specifically assess the consistency and patience price. "The factors that are involved in again and again, extremely important both for us and our customers. This proves that we are a reliable and competitive ", - stressed V.Unikauskienė. For the third time in a row he participated in the exhibition and brand jeans Nicolas representatives. This brand generating company "good good" director Eve Domarkaitė said that the latter was one of the most successful performances in international market. After the exhibition businessmen counts contracts and orders from the US, Great Britain, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan and China. The exhibition did well and debutantes. For example, a T-shirt "March", on which you can draw with chalk, creating entrepreneurs during the exhibition has attracted as many as 20 orders from various French cities of shops, as well as Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Spain. © Photo Organization. "Special interest came from China, Japan and South Korea. We were the only ones who introduced the unique T-shirt on which to write, so the livery is not only clothing, but also interactive entertainment for the little ones, who can express their emotions and creativity. The reflector badges and buttons are not only accessories or beauty supplies, they are perfect protective function and reduces the risk of unpleasant occurrences in the dark "- the distinctive trademark of the company said" March Design Studio Project Manager Santa Bungardaitė. Brand 'Anchovy' founder and leader Giedre mashed exhibition visitors amazed innovativeness. "Anchovy" mobile gadget letters or words into a color or pattern, so in the event there was no shortage willing to try, as their name would appear on the clothes of linen. Exceptional product developers exhibition has established not only beneficial business relations, but also attracted international fashion journalists' attention. National stand at this exhibition Enterprise Lithuania "was organized for the third time, before the exhibition Lithuanian children's fashion designers participated in 2015, in January and July. Previously, the company participated in the exhibition met potential business partners and customers from the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, USA, France, Austria, Germany and other countries. The company "Nicolas jeans entered into an agreement with an agent, which the brand already represented in New York, while Mummymoon" after the exhibition began to supply the Danish clothing boutiques. Kaunas MB Linen Lt after the exhibition has attracted orders from Spain and Switzerland. Corporate participation in the exhibition is funded under the 2014-2020 European Union funds investment program of the European Regional Development Fund.