Trends, vintage and points

Trends, vintage and points
Modern, modern street style fascinates me. Honestly, I'm exploring the pavement of the street - scandinavia especially. But that moment, as soon as I try to put something uber modern on myself, is one of the worst. Do not fuck! Vineyard or allusion to the vintage - it's more interesting, because it covers many periods, has its own history and has fun in the modern context. My girlfriend, Ugnė, when I asked her with the associated vintage, says "it's dresses with peas and mountains." She is almost right - dresses with peas always look nostalgic, and if they are still covered with cuffs and crimson cuffs!

Even bigger and big peas, i.e. Points (dotted, polka-dots, spots), which are relevant for the coming season, are more or less geometrical, still look like a vintage - 80th or 90th particular (Julia Roberts 1992's Pretty Woman movie with a white coffee spatter white spray and hat?) Classic lady like - liuks, but he is more likely to associate with Stepford wives, horse racing audiences, Country Clubs with snobbery and inevitably the mentality of those ladies and their men. I like more muscular lady like. And muscular dances are from the fifth decade, more precisely seven years from 1940 to 1947 (up to Dior's The New Look image with a massive midi skirt and a wicker bar with curly clubs). Forty girls were not some kind of brush hands (they built WWII tanks and cannons, knit men's socks, sewed, raised, taught children and looked glamorous than they could have been imagined at that time), and their style reflected it: jackets with raised shoulders, up to road-wrapped, bell-shaped silhouette skirts hung on the shoulder of a dressing sleeve. Since there was no money, there were all the décor and glamor on the head - in the form of hats, make-up, curls - now that's called pin-up (the version of Playboy of that time) or Hollywood glamor (actress shining, perfectly curved curls and eyebrows) . I pick the head of Rosie the Riveter - tied in a scarf and with red lips - something in the middle between glamor and pin-up.

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The aforementioned four-decapolis and especially the steady jackets of that time, dresses flasks and tweezers were greatly appreciated by the eighties designers, and this silhouette was left in our minds. Now eightieth, and more specifically the nineties and all his excitement, he also likes the designers - Marc Jacobs, Alexandre Vauthier, Isabel Marant, Tibi, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Cristopher Kane and the goddess of demons Demna Gvasalia, i.e. Balenciaga). Braided headphones, mini and midi, giant shoulders, tightened waist, paper bag trousers, bermuda shorts and many, HUGE fabrics. Do not forget the terrible sneakers worn by all the Paris Fashion Week's street sweaters and which my spinton is unlikely to miss, but who knows.

 The tenth decade with its nude stomachs, black leather, narrow specimens of the matrix and unisex style (as in the collections of Alexander Wang and Raf Simon) also strikes between the components here and now.

I read that all this mix and I transmitted: a jacket - 40th, 80th and unisex, dress - vintage, Pretty Woman and seasonal trends, avenues - 80s (I saved them from 2010, when the hottest ones were exactly the trends of the 1980s). Man's Joy and Life's Love # 3 The Chevrolet Pick-up is also from the 80's.

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Freedom to choose not to
February 13, 2018
I recently heard the question of whether it's possible to dress yourself in a way that is both for myself and for men. The first reaction - I know the answer! - As little as I can, do I like my men's section of society, even my own husband. Still, who cares.

According to my husband, I will not decide what everyone likes, because Manish is not a fan of clothes in general (i.e. no clothes, no problems) and live with jeans and shirts for all four seasons. Still, my style experiments give him a curiosity and assigns a tie to my (crushed) method - which he is surprisingly still fond of even after 13 years. The only garment whose love can not stand is the harem pants. Did I drag them to the romantic dinner quay? Of course, not because of the fact that the hermetic pants are not suitable for the situation. And there is nothing to dress about without them. My style identity or feminist kind hates it because it suits the beach.

I remember the sad, well-known US TV show, in which capricious wealthy people were looking for their bride (wealthy grooms, too). "Matchmaker", according to customer-defined standards, assembled a group of girls, arranged a party during which the groom looked at the candidates. When he spoke with 2-3, he decided with whom he would go on a date. Pearly girl enthusiastically reminded girls how to dress: a narrow, single-colored dress (no walnut!) That highlights all the lobes; high heel boats; to straighten a clumsy curly, to burn - if you are pale, to paint your hair - if not the color, makeup. Everyone assembled identically - not to mention the fact that those who did not have such dresses in their lives, did not get frustrated with their faces, or with curls seemed like they were not hit here. If I were a groom, I would not know what to start with. All like soldiers with identical, uniformized faces.white lace4.jpgThese summaries not only annoy the woman, but devalue the men altogether - to assume that men are looking for dolls with narrow-necked jeans and a steel armpit below them. For some who might think, like clever women and even - with your own opinion! About your style too! The men are human minded beings, not non-Neptunetans. Dzin's tight dress, if the sentence is not correct (the relationship between barakud and father-in-law is a separate category, with nothing in common with the style). And vice versa, if you have something to say, this style will be acceptable. And if not - I would ask for an account and a taxi. Attractiveness is not only clothing. However, women's fashion for centuries has been about the attractiveness and suffering of men: corsets, cinolines, tourniquets, inserts - where they are missing, tightened and pressed - where too much. The feet are too high? No problem - in the name of the right groom they can be broken and folded into 7 cm "lotus rings", because some men love small feet. Girls uniforms in Japanese schools rarely have a combination of trousers - just knitted skirts and sneakers. Do girls like this? No one asked them - the girl should look like a girl. Thousands of variants of a combination of shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans that suit me and my husband. We both have a common fetish for my whitewear - embroidered whitework & nbsp; "Christening T-Shirts":) & nbsp; Thousands of variants of a combination of shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans that suit me and my husband. Both of us have a common fetish for my belts - embroidered whitework for "christening shirts" :) Of course, it's sometimes nice to please others, and men too - some women are thinking about their wardrobe just for this pleasure. But on the basis of my long experience of being a woman who cares about what's on my body and communicating with other like-minded women, I can calmly ensure that they are preparing for what they consider to be stylish in their understanding and appropriate to their bodies. Those that are prepared according to the principle of "men do not like it" or any other, an overstimulating description - I hope to disappear like a dinosaur. I will always support fashion for women, not women's fashion for men. One of the pleasures of contemporary fashion is to choose a style that makes women feel comfortable wearing strong, confident, unexpected recognition. After all, is not it possible to experiment, to abide by the rules, to disregard stereotypes, figure and age? Drag a flaky skirt with a sweater, combine high heels with training shoes, and a black bra under white t-shirts and socks with bass. In the makeup, but with a smile. Or without it. No matter who you like - it's important to have fun. And when it's fun, then your eyes are shining. And let me say: nothing is more tempting, inspiring for freedom to choose. By, Laura Photo: Albert Latour Tags Valentine's Day, Dislike for Men, Bed linen3 Comments IMG_1062.jpgGood, dress upJanuary 28, 2018 "OMG, I need to go shopping with you" squeaky neighbor, unlimited maternity leave "CIA agent, gymnast and three , the children of students who are at home are supposed to be Thesa, as if they were going to put clothes on the hangers in my wardrobe (Hannibal turns it into a burial place for that). I make my complacency indifferent to the neighbors, because good choping is like therapy, and group therapy is not my way. In addition, the neighbor's preferences are shorts and tight shirts, sometimes an embroidered sweatshirt set for sweatshirts and cozy studio sweaters. When you do not get the things listed, she likes clothes that do not leave secrets - Thesa believes that clothes should show the body. I felt that both of these would be without a therapeutic effect. Then, when I opened my seat on the shorts, I continued to swaddle my closet, asking me with my stomp / legs / waist, and so on. I do not show "what I have". I tried to turn away by answering that I liked the most, but I realized from her face that I was not convinced. I did not believe in myself. Think I'm not showing the body because the hunting season is over (zenot and with children) - non-feminist. As well as the fact that the display of the figure depends only on a certain composition: Ashley Graham earns a millionth of his impressive wings (she falls apart among the richest supermodels of the 2017s), and Olsen's sisters have not yet spread their shirt to their chin. Where is the root? 31ED565100000578-0-image-a-2_1457283668584.jpg In the 1960s, the sexy mini was a symbol of feminism and liberation. Because it was guided by something - not only from the massive skirts of the last decade and asian, corset and cone bras, but also the mentality, social rules, stereotypes that have embraced all aspects of feminine life in a woman's age. In modern fashion, a mini skirt, together with other women's freedom in open and / or narrow clothing, has become a pretext for unwritten comments - about the brave morale, weight, age, activity, etc. In recent years, in the fashion week, the dominant silhouette - the so-called fluid silhouette - flowing like water. Not necessarily stomped, beform or bag as my Thesa probably name it. Higher collars, longer and thick sleeves, lower skirts and dresses, wide trousers, tight jackets on long silk shirts. At the top of the luxury online store, there's a midi skirt and a long sleek, massive sweater and shirt-style dresses below the roadside, such as Victoria Beckham, Celine, The Row's autumn-winter collections. Victoria Beckham FW 2017 Victoria Beckham FW 2017 Does such a more demanding, soft silhouette tend to affect political and cultural matters? In Japan, I felt uneasy when the locals said "you, the westerners, fashion vulgari, accentuate the body." Body designing can become vulgar, but nothing doroving in the Japanese style of infantile girls that casts lavish Japanese imagery, did not notice (potter laughs, my mind slipped). Contemporary Western designers have accumulated their creative powers in the Middle East and Asia: where the great need for fashion, big money, and even more cultural demands for women. It is said that creative frames encourage the productivity of ideas, and the ideas of designer-adjusted constraints also resonate in western modern fashion - more versatile, more intimate combinations, suitable for fashion lovers of different cultures. Victoria Beckham SS 2018 Victoria Beckham SS 2018 After centuries of Western fashion, which is both direct and figurative about the body - showing strengths and weaknesses, a fluid silhouette, and a more tendrilized body tendency is fresh. If the body display gives power to the observer (show what you have), then the free silhouette returns that power to the wearer - the body is no longer the axis of a woman's identity.