Therapeutic clothing for atopic and contact dermatitis

Therapeutic clothing for atopic and contact dermatitis
Today I have prepared for you a really very useful and valuable review of the beautiful DermaSilk garments.

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Let's start with the fact that I, my daughter, suffer from atopic dermatitis. My little smile, the bitterness from time to time gets very dry out, that it is necessary to apply innermost creams almost 3 times a day. And for me, personally, without mind, they dry their hands ... to the wounds. I can not even imagine how annoying it is. But welcome to the core :))

I visited the organic store in Rasakila, where I spoke about my troubles ... the seller offered me an unseen product - DermaSilk healing shoes. They are made of silk with antimicrobial material. With this kind of clothing you can reduce itching, count the healing and as if moisturize the skin. Telling you to try, you will see how it will help. I sincerely say I did not believe that something might change or happen ... Well, I went home, I was wearing gloves at night and slept with them. I get up in the morning ... ..BUTTON ... you will not give up, hands like silk !!!!! I do not transpose anything. I even made a photo for YOU. I could not believe that these gloves are "working". Well, I say, I'll try with my daughter, I put her legs on her feet, and she knew and helped her a lot. Therefore, mom, if you have laaaaaa dry skin, or have an atopic dermatitis, an eczema - be sure to try. We helped, maybe you will help ....

And now a little more about DermaSilk: DermaSilk is used to treat various forms of dermatitis, eczema and allergic skin types that affect different parts of the body at different ages. These clothes are made of knitted medical grade silk, from which the outer layer is removed and combined with micro-protective micro-materialMicrobe ShieldTM. The antimicrobial agent AEM 5772/5, which is hooked to the silk yarns, is an indelible dermatologist. DermaSilk is unique in maintaining a stable moisture balance on the skin when worn on both warm and cold days. All of DermaSilk's clothes perfectly absorb moisture without damaging the skin. Used as part of a normal treatment program, DermaSilk's healing clothing helps to reduce itching, since special knitting allows air to move freely through the tissue, the skin can breathe more easily and it promotes faster healing. The garments are specially combined with an antimicrobial agent called, which has been used in hospitals for more than 30 years and has proven to protect against the bacterial and fungal development of tissues such as bathrobes used in operating systems. There is no chemical cell poisoning and no chemicals or nano-particles on the skin