New Autumn / Winter 2016 collection

New Autumn / Winter 2016 collection for fans of his work presenting designer Egle Žiemytė all invited to remember the summer. It is the season has been started in this collection. Heaven resembling blue jackets and coats, meadow-like artificial fur designer talks about very favorite contrasts.

I was inspired by one of last summer's moment: after yet another day of work, which at the time had to solve a number of urgent matters, I decided to escape to relax by the lake. Upon boarding the car, I drove through the fields, outside the window changing images: this meadow, the grain fields. Through the window the wind blew, I rushed, I felt so vital. I stopped at the lake. Around - no life of the spirit. I climbed out of the car, quickly išsispyriau of the shoe, the foot felt wet grass. It always feels a little damp, whether it be true or not. The explosive undressed and jumped into me quietly awaited the lake. The first minute of immersion in water - euphoria. Daily stress, work lists, everything disappeared. It retains only the joy that once again in the summer. It is looking at the sun softly rippling water and the first born of the new collection of ideas "- remembered Spruce, presenting himself jokingly as multiple personality.

The heart of it - uncontrolled travelers. The CV is - internationally respected fashion brand designer. In every day life it - family, work and leisure time adapting continuously She runs through the city woman. Autumn / Winter collection of summer-like color a little dimmed, designed vėsiajam season. Fabrics - much softer and softer. All this is seasoned with unexpected details: amazing huge ruffles, sleeves and clearly too long. The collection appeared in several cotton shirt models, borrowed from men's wardrobes. "Men-women's style of mixing - a representative of my design style. As strange as if out of place what was to details, "- said the designer.

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Kids clothing online australia