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Easy inhibitory luxury vintage vintage still abandon the leading positions in various areas of design and lifestyle trends. Especially trendy vintage aged and breathes wedding photography, naturally we take "time grandmothers' clothes and boldly marching to work in the office, apsitaisę such clothing. Vintage conquering and textiles, very sophisticated way prigesinantis advantage so far kept at luxury. High-quality, natural and rich fabrics such as velvet, silk, cashmere is aged by special machines to mimic the old, experienced a lot of "tissue. Even velours, until now considered a benchmark of luxury, rubbed to modify its pristine appearance. Luxury sort of hidden, but especially the quality and be sure to issue a natural fabric that are dealing with high value classic textiles. This trend of interior textiles directly susišaukia with fashion clothes - Victoria Beckham to his 2017 collection as well as the use of aged and even crushed velvet luxury.

PLEATED cloth interior Another trend that came down out of fashion clothes - to spread suklostuotas fabric strips. This is especially festive and dynamic-looking material. Suklostuoti can be spread not only in cotton, silk, nylon, but also the skin and wool. Different fabrics and folds combination of the interior will create a conceptual 3D effect enriched interior stroke. Searching for a solution to integrate the pleated fabric at home, it is important to look at the task creatively.

Bright colors and geometry Geometry cyclically repeated in clothing and interior textile vogue. No wonder geometric shapes perfection admired for thousands of years, from the golden section proportions discovery times. This season, regular and strict shapes susceptible to sharp, iššaukiantiems color combinations. Fabrics harmoniously join the naturalness breathes and laconic, "clean" spaces Scandinavian interiors.

Eclectic - only the brave Create tasteful eclecticism is requiring a lot of work. Combination of several styles in one interior does not detract from the primordial home ideas - to rest, relax and feel calm. Eclectic dominated this season, even the inside tightly. Naturalness combined with shiny synthetic fabrics, flowers - with geometric shapes. The fabric is Uogele on the cake, if all the other elements of the interior will be filled with perfect harmony.

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