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About the time when friends equals giants, heroes and heroes with whom no scruples can travel around the world, with the binoculars to monitor the northern lights, with whom is no bad weather is not terrible, and every day has at least a dozen hours, because after all, it has done the same dozen nutrūktgalviškiausių things. This is the most diverse collection of children on the edge of an exciting addition to their thoughts and personalities of extraordinarily their daily routine, because after all, the giant in the dictionary, the word mundane generally does not exist. This is a children's world, it is the magical planet, about which adults want to write books and constantly looking for her keisčiausiose encyclopaedias
Friends - this flowery dreams, friends - is a fairy-tale heroes, friends - it's the stars that shine in bright evening sky. Friends smells like ice cream, mint and cinnamon. With Friends music plays loudly, dancing with them most joyous and most memorable moments. They even school raises a smile.

Children's fashion label OXOX offers practical, not restricting movement and allow the free movement of clothing that has anti-allergic properties, are made from organic materials. These clothes are suitable for both children every day - kindergarten, school, city and nature, as well as Sunday yield. OXOX clothing - both girls and boys, with a height from 86 to 164 cm.

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