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Tuesday evening for the second time took place in Vilnius beautiful hair contest "Miss Palette Awards. Social network Facebook audience's decision this title went to the mother of two children redheads Jurgita Erslovienei (34 in.) From Rokiškis. ADVERTISING During the summer, Facebook users were able to vote for the most beautiful hair holder. Of the 73 contender overall audience and the decision of the commission elected nine participants, which got into the semifinals and continued to fight for the title of the most beautiful hair. In the semi-finals of the girls upon their entry was held exclusive professional photo shoot, and they took care of the image of an experienced make-up artist, stylist and hairdresser's. Most of sympathy for photo sessions during immortalized shots collected J.Erslovienė winner became the company Schwarzkopf Lithuania "advertising face, and her photos appear in the popular Lithuanian magazines. J.Erslovienė reveals that professional photo shoot had to participate for the first time in their lives. Optimism and energy Abundant mother of two children in a competition led curiosity and willingness to daily routine to inspire some new winds. When asked whether the expected defeat, J.Erslovienė atviravo: "I'm not a standard ilgakasė as usual beautiful hair competitions, so the achievement of a truly unexpected. My hair color vary with my mood - I tried a lot of hair dye shades. Hairstyles for me is much more than just the outer beauty, today it is a bright, bold - that way, and I feel. "During the awards ceremony," Rudny "clothing adorned girls will be assessed and the advice handed out in the fashion world representatives gathered a tender commission - model and blogger, Miss universe 2013 participant Simona Burbaitė, hair stylist Martin Heron and a professional photographer Vilmantas Žilinskas. According S.Burbaitės Commissioner assessing woman's beauty tik important not how it atrodo, what color or ilgio her hair! It and consistent but also, who slypi moters viduje. The event was awarded and two girls. Most of the commission's Choice and won the title of Miss commission Ramute Kavaliauskaite from Panevezys, and the audience became Miss awards ceremony participants hearts enslaved Daimona Kriščiūnaitė from Jurbarkas

Kids clothing online australia