A ski trip with children: what mistakes parents do most often?

A ski trip with children: what mistakes parents do most often?
Parents in the mountains for the first time in their children are worried about many things: will they be able to adequately take care of the little ones, how to protect them not only from injuries, but also from elementary colds? And how do you generally bring the children to the mountains so that they do not frustrate and keep silent for the rest of their lives? After all, the mountains are a great test for the grown up, and what about the little angels who are just beginning to take their first steps with the skies?

Most important packing warm children clothing 

The singer, producer and ski instructor Lukas Pačkauskas and the travel organizer Pro Arte Skirmantė Vaitkutė tell about how to take care of the child's well-being and safety in the mountains.

Provide the right outfit - winter clothes for boys and girls

According to L. Pačkauskas, one of the most important things - the little ones in the mountains must be properly dressed. "When children slide or play outside, they quickly get warm and often just take shelter. In addition to them, snow is constantly flowing everywhere: you'll find it on your head, in a jacket, in your pockets, everywhere, wherever possible, - even the 8-year-old son of Mota's ski instructor smiled. "Therefore, in order to make the child feel good on the mountains, it is necessary first of all to invest intelligently and provide such clothes, which will make it easy for the little one to move and protect not only from colds but also from rolling."

Although children wear garments in 2-3 seasons, it is still best to buy them rather than rent or borrow. This is due to the fact that sportswear is more important than just going on the street. When exercising, the amplitude of the movement increases, and any inconvenience, such as a pressure-sensitive rubber or a hindering detail, makes sense in every step. Such discomfort also afflicts adults, and children in general do not show much patience. "Therefore, it is better to spend more and buy a good moisture-proof, really warm and at the same time good-looking clothing, than to worry about lingerie or worse clothes," said L. Pačkauskas.

Clothes with which the child travels every day to kindergarten or school is unlikely to be in the mountains because the clothes in the mountains, both adults and children, must be special: moisture-proof, preventing snow from entering the clothes, as well as good vaporising moisture and / t t Because if the child is worn and the clothes do not evaporate the moisture, it is likely to overheat. In addition, simple casual wear is also heavier than ski clothing.

"When choosing a ski gear, it is important to pay attention to the color - it must be as sharp as possible so that the child can easily be seen on the track," said a skating snowboard enthusiast.

Meanwhile, boots, according to Luko, are better to rent out on the spot: "When choosing shoes, comfort is most important, and at the rental points you will find shoes for each leg. The child grows rapidly, the size of the leg changes, so buying special and rather expensive shoes is definitely not worth it. "

Do not let kids ski themselves

Some parents are afraid to entrust children to ski schools, but L. Pačkauskas is convinced that a professional will teach the child much better than his father or mother - even very lovingly. As a young man, training from a specialist focuses on skiing in particular. In addition, children with strangers are less likely to stumble.

"For parents at all, I would not advise you to be near and watch how their child is being trained. When seeing parents, the little one will not be able to concentrate on what the instructor tells him, "said Pačkauskas. - If you are very worried about your offspring, better visit him during the lunch break, when he will not be busy. "

According to the instructor, children's schooling in school is based on the principle of the game, in order to make skiing for the little one as attractive as possible, no fall would not cause fear and in the future it would again want the station on the ski. For example, children learn to make turns with a small steering wheel and so on.

"Of course, later on, when the first skills are already formed by an instructor, parents can also teach the child. After all, they are almost equal partners - they can share experiences, "- added L. Pačkauskas.

By the way, children learn more about skiing than adults - the latter smoothly and neatly afterwards the jellyfish jar then the instructor skipping the mini-pillar with a huge envy, trying to rise again from the snow ...

Do not be afraid of the language barrier

According to sales manager and ski enthusiast Skirmantė Vaitkute, the travel organizer Pro Arte (who owns the portal for skiers www.sniegozmones.lt), Skirmantė Vaitkute, his parents, frightens the barrier of a foreign language for parents who give schoolchildren. "An English speaking instructor in the mountains is a very rare event, but it's not worth living," said Pro Arte. - Instructors in schoolchildren are prepared to communicate with children of different nationalities, and they are well versed with them not only in general terms, but also in gestures and body language. "

"If you think that in a small mountain you will not be alone for one, go with your likes Of course, if that is the case, there are some families with children. Two Lithuanian students at school - the fun is guaranteed, - S. Vaitkutė smiled. - Because skiing is a collective activity, which is constantly shared by emotions and experiences. It is necessary for both adults and children. "It is important to assess the workload of Vasak S. Vaitkutės, before going to the mountains, to assess the amount of physical activity a child can sustain during his studies. Overtaking can not only frighten away from the desire to ski and scare, but also be the cause of various injuries. "You need to learn to listen to the needs of the child. Compared to other nations, we, Lithuanians, are rather strict for our children, and the mountains need more sensitivity. If your toddler says he is tired and does not want to leave the hill, it is better to allow him to rest, to feel yourself, to take a quiet stroll, "- the skier shared the experience. According to Vaitkete, it would not be advisable for a child to drive at high speeds. "The higher the speed, the harder it is to stop, so you need to evaluate the child's chances. It is possible to speed up the speed at which the moving child can stop safely at any moment. "Do not go unseen on the track. The driver can not sit or hit the track in any way, as it is the greatest danger to him. "Whatever you do, your child needs to reach the edge of the track and cope or stay there," said S. Vaitkutė. - If a major disaster has occurred and it is not possible to get out of the route, the first thing to do is to create a warning sign from the two skier's sticks - to put a stick above the child that has fallen so that you can clearly see it from the top above the top. "Parents should not go too far from your child. "Dad or mom, due to the higher stature, becomes the best marker to capture an obstacle to others. Meanwhile, a little child is much worse off, "said S. Vaitkutė. Give the infrastructure of the hotel. According to I. Aukštuolytė, public relations and marketing manager of Tez Tour, it is necessary to find out where the hotel will be, how close it is to the ski school and the slopes. "Mountains should be as close as possible to your hotel in order to make traveling as easy as possible and less tiring - the child will need the strength on a mountain slope, so it would be good not to lose them by the way," said I. Aukštuolytė. Lifts close to the hotel are also a huge advantage. "In general, one needs to strive to make your stay in the mountains as comfortable as possible. In order to make children and adults more vulnerable. However, in spite of all the difficulties encountered, it will eventually be one of the best of your family vacation. And it's very likely that your offspring will not be afraid of the winter, because of the possibility to descend from the hill not only with slaves, but also with skis or snowboarding, "said Tez Tour spokeswoman.