London kids fashion week

London Fashion Week presented a Lithuanian collection is filled with Spanish passion and forbidden love

Ava Gardner embodied in sensual dancer Maria Vargas role in the movie Basak Countess (The Barefoot Contessa); Pamplona takes place in the streets of San Fermines festival, made famous by Ernest Hemingway novel Fiesta (The Sun Rises ook); Baroque painter Francisco de Zurbaran mystical mood of religious paintings - all these Spanish passion and temperament full of works inspired by Lithuanian designers Laura Theiss Spring / Summer 2017 collection.

The Sun Also Rises, "called the collection featured hand-crocheted dresses, blouses, skirts, sweaters and even crocheted bikinis. One eye-catching accent repeated - a heart-shaped patterns. That reasoning, according to Laura, inspired churches hanging votive offerings or Latin ex-voto - engraved silver hearts, people of piety and religious signs. These letters symbolize passion and forbidden love. Flowering white flowers on a black dress - of hope and rebirth. The neutral, earthy, pastel-colored collection, gold inlaid wood tones borrowed from Francisco de Zurbaran paintings of saints, where it is often seen strong light-dark contrasts (chiaroscuro - Renaissance term for this technique). This gives the feeling of mystery and drama effect. The red accents on Laura crocheted dresses and skirts inspired by the Spanish bullfighting, and a thick red wine, who loved Hemingway short story protagonists.

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