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North Lyceum "students as early as this September, will rush to school with them to create specifically for school clothing collection. This clothing line is a far cry from normal video, which is characterized by Lithuania to see - no space for languotiems Sarafan and too large jackets.
According to the author of the collection "Akuku uniform designer Edith Jankauskienės, clothing was created with a special task - to harmonize classic and lively children's needs, says a press release. "I think that finally the time has come to change the uniforms of the word meaning basically, because 15 years of unchanging standards are simply no longer adequate for these times. We wanted to create a uniform, which children like to wear and can be proud of, which reflects the educational institutions and the principles of identity, "- said the designer Edith Jankauskienė.
The collection predominantly classic clipping models for boys and girls in harmony with each other and the school holidays Kurta accessories line. Boys and girls account for 13 lines of clothing for different seasons of the natural fiber fabric, which comes from the Italian and Austrian producers, and was made to order. "Clothes have kept the classic line, although in practice its best to manufacture high quality knitwear. Cold-year period to produce a very thin merino wool sweaters, which are extremely delicate skin of children. It is also thought to detail that would be convenient for children up clothes themselves, and parents easy to look after things, "- said" Akuku uniform designer Edith Jankauskienė. North Lyceum "education is dynamic and not restricted to sitting posture of drivers classes bench - students included in the education process, perform a variety of experiments and research, constantly moving. A space of activity, as well as change frequently - every day begins in the morning with the wheel sitting down on the carpet, education is team work, creative spaces or away outside the school in nature, art, science museum or enterprises, business centers.
"We grow and creative-minded future leaders, so we felt the need for a formal dress to foster respect for learning and creating cultured, disciplined and aesthetic environment. Also, school clothes and chose based on our training methods. It had to be adapted to a lot of moving children - convenient for comfort and movement, leaving space for self-expression, "- said the North Lyceum director Jovita Stuart.

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