Children sleep

Although my son was already two years old, he had not slept for a while without a night "," our son midnight stays in his crib and wants to play with us, "" our daughter sleeps only when the night light is lit. " These complaints clearly show that many families have a problem with sleep. According to the statistics, approximately 1/4 to 1/2 of children, regardless of their age, although occasionally, still have a sleep disruption, which causes tension in the family. Almost always, therefore, more than the children suffer from mothers and dads. Moreover, the small people are often completely satisfied that their parents jump on them at night.
So dear parents, admit you honestly, are you always able to understand the needs of the child and respond appropriately, especially when the child does not give you sleep every night? How many parents lose their patience in anger and despair? To prevent this from happening, it's worth knowing how sleepy your baby is sleeping, and maybe you can create the right conditions for sleep. The psychiatrist Aurima Dilienė is consulting.

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Myth About Baby's Sleep
Nights in the first weeks of a newborn's life are rumors and breaks, as the baby is washed away, does not distinguish between day and night, does not feel the exact rhythm of sleep and wake, does not distinguish between day and night. However, after 3-4 weeks, the most common thing is managing, and after 3 months, most babies sleep without being alive all night.
Everyone knows the saying "sleep like a baby". This is often said, but it is far from the truth. At first, the newborn sleeps almost every other day for a short period of dying every 1.5-3 hours. After a bit of sleep, he sometimes falls down for a short time, so it's often difficult for parents to be separated, so that the child is sleeping. The little ones can sleep asleep. At that time, their eyes are glassy, ​​darkened, primed. The eyeballs are vibrant, you can see the protein for a short time.
The reality of the moment
In the last weeks of pregnancy, the woman's sleep adapts to her fetal sleep. At that time, most women woke up several times at nights, often after an hour, getting up in bed and unable to fall asleep. This is due to the fact that during the last months of pregnancy the fetal and maternal phase of sleep and sedation coincides. This is so before childbirth. Then the body of the woman immediately returns to the previous day and night cycle, and the baby retains the rhythm she lived before being born. Only the lukewarm little people adapt to change of time. It helps with external irritations - darkness, night silence, different outfits.
Differences in sleep between children and adults
A long time to sleep is a little known. The doctors began to wonder why the babies sleep for so long. About 40 years ago, American scientists have found that sleep is not a continuous dormant, it consists of several different phases. From the moment of infancy, our brain activity is caused by electrical impulses. EEG (Electroencephalogram) can accurately measure them. Comparing the impulses of a sleeping child and a sleeping adult brain, there were significant differences. There are two phases of human sleep: active sleep, i.e. sleeping with dreams, scientifically named rapid eye movement (REM), and calm deep sleep. These two phases change several times overnight. Namely, the phases of children's dreams and deep sleep are much more frequent, the newborn's sleep cycle always starts from the dream phase, and the deep phase of sleep is characterized by the fact that the body produces a growth hormone during it.
Sleepers find that active sleep helps the brain to form, it processes and dictates day-to-day impressions.
Both bad and well-sleeping children are most often born in such a way. Please note what kind of problems your family faces - since the apple from the obel is near you. How to help your baby feel the rhythm
What family life is rhythmic (when its members always eat, play, go for a walk and bath at the same time), the easier it is for the baby to get used to the rhythm. Children who feel sleep and tune in, are more discerning, more interested in the environment, less crying, more satisfied.
Prepare a baby's cozy place for sleep, then he will feel well in his bed. The baby likes a limited space because she was in the mother's womb.
Most babies enjoy bathing in the evenings before going to bed. They have fun, they enjoy the warmth, then quickly fall asleep without problems.
You can even try babies to swaddle a pajamas every night before. It's a good idea, because changing clothes alone to a small person is a sign that the time of day is changing.
Light is very important in shaping day and night feelings. Therefore, specialists are advised to take a child's walk in the field for at least half an hour a day. This gives both pure air and light.
It is very important to have warmth, because there is nothing worse when the child gets cold during the night at night. The lowest temperature in the room should be 20 degrees.
Tired and sleep-seeking babies can fall asleep with noise and bright light. However, it would not be necessary to emphasize the difference between these external stimuli