Autumn fashion news

The mark GERRY WEBER creates crisp, racy and elegant personalities, not only serious, but also paying a share to relax. They know what is fashionable today, trends expertly combines the timeless classics. These women, wherever they are, is a step ahead! Although the usual pastels that fall fashionable earth colors, comfort can be created and otherwise. In this year GERRY WEBER collection "Powder Rose dominated by soft hues of pink quartz, lilies and light gray. Autumn season fashionable not only soft pink and gray, but yellow in combination, so feel free to take color experiments.
Pastel colors give the image of a trend and comfort, and modern romance. By fall užsimetusi knitted garment or oversized puspaltį unfrozen and stand out from the crowd - after around so black!

Cosmopolis GERRY WEBER miestietėms offers stylish and chic cosmopolitan image. The collection "Urban Glam dominated comfortable leisure and classic-style clothes. Here you will find Coco Chanel creative hints, such as the elegant white blouse at the neck tied together in ribbons. The neck of decorative - a trendy part of the season. By combining classic and freer style of clothing you create a stylish work wardrobe, this collection - the ideal choice for a smart casual dress code.

SAMOA by GERRY WEBER women are strong, know your value and pays the weaknesses turn benefits. They are not afraid of experimentation, wearing larger sizes (42-50) clothes looks stylish, modern and charming surrounding. Wild West in 2016. fall fashion again invited to visit the Wild West - the image drawing its inspiration from westerns. SAMOA by GERRY WEBER as always made sure to look trendy and rounder shapes women. This brand offers sizes from 42 to 50, skillfully playing patterns and silhouettes, dailinančiais female figure. Collection "Indian Summer" - bohemian and cowboy style combination of rich autumn charts: tassels, fur, brick red and navy blue combination, a chevron pattern. Chevron - rhythmically repeated zig line - one of the most fashionable autumn printing.

Dizzying chartreuse chartreuse inspired trademark SAMOA by GERRY WEBER has developed a collection of "Taste of Chartreuse, here intertwined herbal liqueur characterized by yellowish and greyish grayscale. This casual style clothing, perfect tiksianti expressive curve of women. Clothes designed to Dailinta figure, for example, soft blouses and dresses pleats masked curves and gently fitting silhouettes figure does not sink tissue abundance.

This collection prompts and another idea to help improve links: wearing shades close-up clothes on, you will look and liaunesnė and higher. In formulating autumn wardrobe, buy a few of the same color range of clothes that you wear together. Suit oatmeal sweater and pants or puspaltis and dress. Avoid bright colors and contrasting combinations, such a figure split, so you will look coarser than in reality.

TAIFUN collections prefer young, charismatic and creative women who willingly descends into adventures. They travel, fall in love, discovering, enjoying life and can safely divide fashion advice - it is stylish by nature. Depths of the lake lake depths inspired TAIFUN Collection Deep Lake "like women who do not want to lose appearing solidly sensuality. Soft fabrics, soft pastel shades and depths of the sea replicating accents give classical style of lightness, romance.
The collection offers trendy chevron (zig) writing printed dresses, cozy susiaučiamų car coats and autumn news - muffled greenish hue. The greenery is a great option for looking for interesting versatile color. It will look at both tasteful pastel and the bright clothes. In autumn, do not hide in the crowd and give originality clothing - iPink interesting fabrics. This could be a gloss or sequined dress embroidered blouse, textural fabric coat, expressive knitted, patterned clothes.
FASHION Fashion PEPPERS pepper can be called red accents, which are like spices enliven neutral colors wardrobe. No one in the autumn choose subtle colors and dimmed, and red accents give vibrancy to the image, and you - self-confidence. Not afraid of fashion whims TAIFUN offers a collection of "Just In Case", which color the gray wardrobe ripe red.

It is worth to buy a bright red, but laconic design of clothing, such as a coat, sweater or dress - an easy to adjust and subtle, and margesnės clothing. Pay attention to the checkered cloth, this year they again trends. Red dress enlivened overload colorful accessories, perfect for the classic black and white, metallic sheen or just rich red lips.


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