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Children grow up in a hurry as soon as possible, but enables us to understand that there is a thinking and unique personality since a very young age. As before, so now, the main source of inspiration - older sisters or brothers wardrobe. The desire to look as well as an original and nutritious as their elder, but also to remain exemplary and childish, this season even stronger. Clothes I Dig Denim, KICK THE MOON photo. Related Articles: New fashion popularized by Kate Middleton and Prince George (PHOTOS) (3) My mother cleaned kekšišką doll make-up and made the doll, which is not ashamed to give a child (PHOTOS) (57) pink and bright blue colors changing how much calmer, pastel tones, and the garment are rarely assigned only boys or only girls categories. Children's clothing designers are increasingly offering "unisex" cut jeans, blouses, jackets and jumpers, thus demonstrating that both boys and girls can feel comfortable and look cool and stylish wearing the same clothing. Clothes I Dig Denim, KICK THE MOON photo. Flighty, active and colorful suckers parents do not rush to settle down - children's fashion this season really can not do without a plethora of different patterns, illustrations, applications. The autumn-winter season dominated by nature, animals, art theme. It remains a popular jungle motifs - lions, tigers, palm illustration. Yellow, green and red colors - this season's favorite, and most of its brighter - the better! Clothes Mini Rodini, KICK THE MOON photo. Clothes Mini Rodini, KICK THE MOON photo. Quality and natural fabrics are still one of the most important factors when selecting children's clothes. Environmentally friendly, made from organic fabric clothing great success still receives between infants and children up to 3 Blues will bringing parents. The good news is that this season, perhaps every other children's clothing designer or brand, introduces us to the excellent quality and aesthetic combination of clothing that looks attractive, stylish, are pleasant and comfortable to wear, and most importantly - they remain organic and environmentally friendly